Are You a Hero?

Maribeth Cantwell
Published on August 14, 2019

Are You a Hero?

Are you a teacher, healthcare worker, firefighter, or part of the EMS, law enforcement or military (active, reserves, veterans)?

If so, I’d like to thank you for your service and give back to those who sacrifice so much to serve our community by putting others before themselves with very little recognition or thanks. In order to do this, I have joined Homes for Heroes®, the Nation’s Largest Hero Savings program. Homes for Heroes® was established shortly following the tragic events of 9/11 to give back and say “Thank You” to our nation’s heroes. When heroes work with a Homes for Heroes affiliate real estate specialist, they receive Hero Rewards® which are easy ways for Heroes to save significant money when buying, selling, or refinancing a home.

Homes for Heroes® is a network of over 2900 professionals nationwide in the housing and finance industry that have been vetted and approved to be a Homes for Heroes provider. To date, this nationwide network has given back to over $50 million dollars to our Heroes nationwide!

What is the “Hero Rewards” Home Benefit Program? Hero Rewards® Home Benefit Program gives Heroes a substantial savings advantage in their home ownership needs, helping Heroes live in the communities they serve.

Heroes in need of buying a home receive substantial savings through our program on their closing costs with money given to them = $700.00 per $100,000 value of the home they are buying – money they can use to purchase furniture, appliances, outfit their baby’s room or offset moving expenses with their new home.

Those Heroes in need of selling a home receive a 25% credit on the specialist’s gross commission at closing. Another 5% of the specialist’s gross commission will be sent to Homes for Heroes.

Thank you for your service!

The Homes for Heroes Home Benefit Program works with local business affiliates who provide special hero discounts as well as with other home benefit programs like VA and first-time home buyer programs, adding additional benefits and savings.

How does the Hero receive the Hero Rewards®?

BUY A HOME and receive a check from Homes for Heroes in the mail following the closing.

SELL A HOME and receive reduced real estate service fees at closing.

MORTGAGE or REFINANCE and receive reduced lending fees.

LOCAL BUSINESS AFFILIATES also provide special hero discounts. These can include title, inspection and moving services as well as other local and national businesses.

The Circle of Giving

Every time a hero uses Homes for Heroes, they help other heroes in need. A portion of Homes for Heroes’ earnings is donated to the Homes for Heroes Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides assistance to heroes in need.


Step 1: Sign Up at Real Estate Help For Heroes

Step 2: Work with our specialists

Step 3: Buy, Sell or Refinance a Home 4: Receive Your Hero Rewards!

NO Red Tape • NO Hidden Fees • NO Catch


Because this program is available everywhere in the United States, please share it with any hero you know that would benefit from this program.

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